Craft Groups




Pottery – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Painting – Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Fabric Arts – Monday, Wednesday

Life Classes – Thursday


Life Classes – Thursday nights 7.50pm

Run by Claire Stephens (Ph 01923 896623)  Please see our Facebook page for examples of work and for more details – search for ‘Life Drawing Class at Chorleywood Community Arts Centre’

2019-20 dates:

Autumn:        10/10/19  –  12/12/19

Spring:           16/01/20  –  19/03/20

Summer:       07/05/20  –  09/07/20

There is an informal atmosphere and members have a wide range of ages and abilities.  Tuition if required is by mutual assistance. Beginners are very welcome, as are ‘A’ level students needing life drawing experience. There are some easels available, and there are also drawing boards which can be propped up against a table while you are seated.
Please bring whatever art materials you are intending to use and use the media of your choice.

Membership of the Arts Centre is £25 per year (or less if you join in later terms) and this  allows attendance of other classes at the Centre; student membership is free.

The Life Drawing classes are £40 per 10 week term, plus £2 per session to cover heat and lighting.

Alternatively non-students, after paying the Arts Centre membership, can pay £7.50 per session all inclusive. (students £5.50 in total).


Annual Membership is £25.00 (or less if you join later in the term).


Painting  Tuesday mornings 9.30 – 12.00.

  • Do I need previous experience? No, beginners are welcome.
  • Do I need to bring anything? Some materials are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own.
  • Who should I contact? Eva Patterson 01923 721094
  • Cost. £2.00 per session (first two sessions are free) plus £6.00 per tuition fee
  • Is there a planned programme? There is by the tutors, but it is not obligatory?
  • Do you sell materials? No.
  • How many people are in each session?  An average of 10.
  • Is my work exhibited? There is no obligation to exhibit.

Painting Wednesday 9.30  – 12.00; Friday 12.30 – 2.30pm         

  • Do I need any previous experience? No. 
  • Do I need to bring anything? Yes. Bring paper, paints, brushes etc. for the medium of your choice. Members will assist you in a friendly environment.
  • Do you sell materials? No.
  • Who should I contact? Membership Secretary for the Wednesday group. And   Morag Watkins for the Friday group email:
  • How much does it cost? £2.00 per session. First two sessions are free.
  • Do you sell materials? No.
  • How many people are at each session? An average of 10.
  • What do you do each week? There is no set programme it is your choice.
  • Is my work exhibited. There is no obligation.

Silk Painting and Textiles


Silk Painting and Textiles  

  Wednesday 9.30 – 12.00

  • Do I need any previous knowledge of silk? No, the experienced members of the group will help demonstrate the techniques to beginners and a lot of experimenting!
  • Are there any special techniques I need to learn? Yes. Some are very simple and you will be able to produce a beautiful scarf or picture at your first try, but some techniques require patience and skill.
  • How much does each session cost? £2.00 per session (first two session are free)
  • Who should I contact? Christine Davidson 0794132144 Email: 
  • Do I need to bring anything with me? We will demonstrate with the silk dyes and you can participate with materials we have to hand. Remember silk dyes can stain your clothes and anything else you touch.
  • Can I park nearby? The Chorleywood Common car park is free and across the road.
  • Is there nearby public transport? The 336 bus is outside the Arts centre on the Common Road.


We usually meet on a Monday morning 10am- noon, throughout the year, except on Public Holidays. We are a mixture of enthusiastic embroiders and silk painters, but welcome anyone interested in any form of textile craft. You can be a beginner or have some experience in your chosen craft but as we are not a tutor led group we support each other to develop our skills. If you are interested in joining please pop along to a session and see first hand what we do. We are a friendly group and warmly welcome new members.



1. When do you meet?
Monday,   Tuesday,   Thursday,   Friday.
2. What are the hours?
9.30am-12 midday
Mondays also: Midday -3pm  and 8pm-10pm
Fridays 9.30 -Midday
3. What do you do each week?
 There’s a choice of Slab pottery, Thrown pottery, Sculpture and Moulded pots
4. Do I need any previous knowledge of pottery?
There is no formal teaching, but group members, many of whom have considerable experience, are happy to help you.
5. Do I need to bring my own clay?
 Don’t worry, it’s available to buy during classes for as little as 40p per pound.
6. How much does it cost?
Membership for the centre is £25 per annum
Plus each session £3.00 to cover the cost of the firing and the glazes.
7. Who should I contact to join?
Ring the Membership Secretary Shirley McArdle 07788526576 or e mail
8. Is it all right if I miss a week?
That’s fine. Just come when you can
9. What facilities do you have?
Three pottery wheels; a large kiln; damp cupboards for keeping work in progress
We also lend tools  until members buy their own,
 And we supply the glazes and 4 different types of clay
10. Can I park nearby?
There is a large car free park just opposite.



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