Hall Hire

Interested in hiring the art centre (ground floor only) for a regular or a one-off occasion?

The arts centre is in a charming old Baptist Hall with newly refurbished wooden floors, and small kitchen and toilet.

Hire Costs £12 per hour.

Contact David on 01923 282236 or email: chorleywoodartscentre@yahoo.co.uk


 Pottery and sculpture   9.15am- 12 noon
Silk painting                    9.30am- 12 noon
Pottery   and sculpture 9.30am-1pm
Painting                          9.30am- 12noon
Silk painting                 9.30-12noon
Painting                         9.30-12noon
Mosaic                            7-9pm
Pottery and sculpture   9.30am-12 noon
Life Class                          7.45pm-10pm
Pottery and sculpture     9.30am- 12 noon
                                              12 noon – 3pm
Social Club                         8pm-10pm


Over to you…

Our workshops are informal, relaxed and friendly. Members are encouraged to suggest topics or projects and be creative. We currently have space within our schedule to accommodate new groups.



Annual membership: £25

£15 if joining after Christmas

£10 if joining after Easter.

Full time students: Free.

There is no restriction on how many groups a member can join.


There is a session fee per group (from £2).



How to join

Contact us at any time of the year.

email: chorleywoodartscentre@yahoo.co.uk



Or call:

Shirley McArdle, Membership Secretary: 07788-526576

Ann Taylor, Publicity: 01895-639884

Alternatively, please drop by and see us during a workshop.


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